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FTV-105 - Sugar Ray Renee - 28:50 Min.

Sugar Ray Renee
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Sugar Ray Renee

1) Sugar Ray Renee
2) Bonus Fight

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The most accomplished female boxer on video today, Sugar Ray Renee pays a visit to Fight Time Video and shows off her superior boxing ability in this one sided mixed boxing video.

FTV-105 - 1 (Sugar Ray Renee)

Free Download: 1-1 Sugar Ray Renee

Sugar Ray takes the fight right to her male opponent and drives hard punches into his stomach and side. Sugar Ray's hand speed is blinding and her power is beyond belief.

FTV-105 - 1 (Sugar Ray Renee)

Free Download: 1-2 Sugar Ray Renee


FTV-105 - 2 (Bonus Fight)

Free Download: 2-1 Bonus Fight


This is one of the best mixed boxing videos ever produced by Fight Time Video.




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