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KO-19 - Drunk and Disorderly - 32:00 Min.

Drunk and Disorderly
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Drunk and Disorderly

1) Joy vs Matt
2) Joy vs Matt

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Joy, looking professional in her red sweater and skirt, shows up at Matt´s house, wanting her paycheck but Matt´s drunk and he tells her to wait for it. She refuses and is so pissed that she takes him down to the floor. He´s very drunk, and like putty in her hands!

KO-19 - 1 (Joy vs Matt)

Free Download: 1-1 Joy vs Matt

She doesn´t hold back. It doesn´t take her long to work up a sweat and the skirt and sweater come off. She uses any hold she wants including body scissors, head scissors, face sitting, matchbooks, body slams, cradles and more. It´s payday and someone´s going to get paid! Our money´s on Joy!

KO-19 - 2 (Joy vs Matt)

Free Download: 2-1 Joy vs Matt





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