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MM-461 - Debra D'Andrea in "Champion of Squeeze 3" - 27:00 Min.

Debra D'Andrea in "Champion of Squeeze 3"
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Debra D'Andrea in "Champion of Squeeze 3"

1) Debra D'Andrea

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Debra is able to kill a man with her concrete like legs! And in this video she almost does! Debra is 5'7”, strong, powerful, muscular, aggressive, sexy and a true Killer! First it was Anita Ramsey who proved she was the queen of squeeze, then Yvonne McCoy showed us her killer squeeze. Now here comes a woman that without any doubt could kill a man with her legs and gluts!

MM-461 (Debra D'Andrea)

Free Download: 1-1 Debra D'Andrea

Here you will see some of the most devastating scissor holds that will leave you bewildered and scratching your head. To see a woman squeeze with such power and veracity is overwhelming. There are 2 knockouts in this video and the man was semi-conscious throughout the entire video! I am telling you no one, and I mean no one, ca take this vicious, sadistic, powerful squeeze of Debra's!

MM-461 (Debra D'Andrea)

Free Download: 1-2 Debra D'Andrea

MM-461 (Debra D'Andrea)

Free Download: 1-3 Debra D'Andrea





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