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WV-112 - Paola vs Melanie / Maid for Brawling - 26:27 Min.

Paola vs Melanie / Maid for Brawling
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Paola vs Melanie / Maid for Brawling

1) Melanie vs Paola
2) Carina vs Audrey

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A topless contest in which blonde Melanie quickly learns that brunette Paola can take just about everything. Except, that is, Melanie's special brand of breast punishment!

WV-112 - 1 (Melanie vs Paola)

Free Download: 1-1 Melanie vs Paola

Paola's big shapely orbs become the target of Melanie's cruel attack. What follows is an unusual combination of the cruel and erotic.

WV-112 - 1 (Melanie vs Paola)

Free Download: 1-2 Melanie vs Paola

In 'Maid for Mauling', blonde Carina learns that her brunette maid, Audrey, has been taking care of her husband as well as her house! What ensues is a snarling catfight of epic proportions! After a rugged struggle, one gains the upper hand, turning her adversary into a personal pony, riding her around the room bareback.

WV-112 - 2 (Carina vs Audrey)

Free Download: 2-1 Carina vs Audrey


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