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#8419 article number: XXX-11

Ashley Evans (32:58)

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Mixed Fights

USA / Canada



Big Breasts

panty / panty & bra

dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


furnished apartment


pussy eating

Bonds / other fetish








United States

Porn superstar Ashley Evans is frustrated with her no sex husband. She has tried everything to get him in the mood. Even her awesome 48HH-25-36 body has not been able to get the guy to give her the high hard one. Ashley finally decides to try a new drug, that will get him as horny as ever. The only problem is her dumb as dirt husband mixes the sex pill with his sleeping pills. Ashley can't take anymore and decides to teach her wimp husband a lesson.

Ashley tears into her husband, getting him in an arm lock. head scissors, waist scissors, literally kicking the shit out of him wrestling. She really pours on the pain, working the limp wimp over while verbally and physically abusing him to no end.

Ashley smothers her husband with her twin 48's and face-sits him until he begs for mercy. Once the wrestling beating is over, the fun begins. Ashley forces her no sex husband to eat her out while she sits back and plays with her mountainous tits. The more he eats her out the more she gets turned on. Ashley get so hot she takes his manhood into her mouth, sucking his dick till he cries out. Not satisfied, Ashley then make him fuck her. When he does not fuck her to his satisfaction she proceeds to give him more of a beating until he gets it right.
Ashley Evans
height 168
age -
weight 62
country United States
cup size G