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#8869 article number: LSS-107

Chad and Cornergirl Sue vs Lindsay and Lynn (42:33)

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Mixed Fights

USA / Canada



panty / panty & bra


boxing ring


head punsching

body punching



pussy to mouth

The most awesome mixed boxing video ever filmed featuring tough guy Chad against two hard punching women, Lindsay and Lynn. 9 brutal rounds of topless boxing and kick boxing with Chad taking an intense BEATING.

His corner girl, Sue, keeps him going until the fatal KNOCK OUT in the 9th round. Sue tries to revive Chad by sucking on his limp cock to bring him back to a conscious state.

She Sucks and Sucks, Licks and Blows but he and his limp Dick are out for the count. Sue is disappointed in his failure to get a stiff erection, then verbally humiliates the pulverized wimp.

Chad had to be taken to the hospital after the fight for cracked ribs from the pounding he took. Defeated and sexually humiliated, his ego will never recover!