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#9433 article number: CPL-1646-47 - 1

Jasmine's Smother Justice 1 (16:49)

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USA / Canada



panty / panty & bra


studio mats

facesitting (clothing)


head scissors

body scissors

Jasmine our brand new girl, is actually Emma's sister and she takes on veteran Shanya.Jasmine has never wrestled another female before and was ready to give it her all, knowing Shanya had weight and experience behind her.This was an all out war for survival once the match started.Shanya found herself at the complete mercy of Jasmine, who was more powerful than Shanya, and was lightning fast, switching from forward facesits, to reverse, then to her bone crushing scissors.Shanya found herself tapping out over and over and very frequently, we actually lost count after 60 TAP OUTS!!!

Shanya was drained completely and at one point of the match Jasmine locked her steel like legs around Shanya, and blacked her out, then she mounted her face securing Shanya down so well that there was no chance in hell of escaping.Shanya had tears in her eyes, and you can tell that she wanted this to be over, she could not breathe anymore, nor move.Jasmine got her in one last reverse headscissor, blacked Shanya out, and mounted her face in a reverse.Then when Shanya was asked to give up she said no.Jasmine sat on her face until Shanya repeatedly tapped, then Shanya muffled I give, leaving her in a gasping mess on the mats in tears.oh, we forgot to mention whoever lost this match had to give up her pay to the other one.