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#8407 article number: FDF-12

Mistress Paisley, Blade & Roxi (33:03)

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Mixed Fights


USA / Canada




T-Shirt / blouse

panty / panty & bra

regular clothing

studio mats


facesitting (clothing)

Bonds / other fetish







United States

Foot Worship:

Mistress Paisley has decided that she only needs one good slave to service her. She will make Blade and Roxi compete to be her number one slave. The first challenge is foot worship, Mistress kicks back and watches as each sub services her feet at the same time trying to impress her. They sniff, suck, lick, nibble and more in an affort to be Mistress Paisley's pet foot and ass kisser.

Facesitting Blade:

Blade has his turn under Mistress Paisley and really pays the price. She leaves him gasping, out of air and totally engulfed in her ass. Devastating forward and reverse smothers really finish this guy off. Mistress Paisley really enjoys riding his face and can't wait for the next event in this slave competition.

Facesitting Roxi:

Roxi has bitten off more she can chew as she is smothered into oblivion by Mistress Paisley. Breathtaking forward and reverse facesits have Roxi on the verge of hyperventilation as she becomes claustrophobic under Mistress Paisley's aggressive facesitting. She serves her BBW Mistress as best as she can but she doesn't fare too well in this challenge.
Mistress Paisley
height 170
age -
weight 130
country United States
cup size B