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#8361 article number: WV-126

Stay Out of Their Way (27:46)

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USA / Canada


Pro Style Wrestling

bathing suits

boxing ring

Pro-Style Wrestling

body punching



This is one you've been waiting for. Our archivist put together some of the roughest and toughest moments in women's wrestling history. A tape featuring the nastiest women you'd ever want to meet. When tempers flare and pro wrestlers throw out the script things can get pretty rough. Kicks, stomps, throws, everything you love to see. If you like your women wrestlers tough... this tape is calling out to you. All the hottest action... complete with stop- action and instant replay. This tape is filled with pissed off women whose only desire is to leave their opponent laying there. More than 100 clips of furious fighthing women... names like Joyce Grable... Moolah... Penny Mitchell.... Kay Noble... Sensational Sherri... Wendi Pichter.... fighthing all out. Don't deprive youself any longer!