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Cancellation Rights

Consumers (ยง 13 BGB) have a legal right of withdrawal from their order.

Withdrawal information

Right of withdrawal
You can retract from your contract declaration within two weeks by declaring your withdrawal without reasons by letter, fax or e-mail or by sending the items back. The statutory period begins at the earliest with the receiving of this information. To keep the period it is sufficient to send your withdrawal or the product in time. Your withdrawal has to be sent to:

Kontex-Network, Lindenallee 4, 19399 Neu Poserin, fax: +49-3996-120332

Withdrawal consequences
In case of an effective withdrawal the from both sides received benefits have to be given back and the possible use (for example interests) have to be returned. If you can not give back the from us received benefits or only partial or only in a poor condition you have to give us probably a substitute. This is not valid for the handing over of an item if the poor condition of the item only results from the check of this item - like it could for example have been checked in a store. You can avoid the duty to reimburse the value of the item if you do not take the item into use like your own property and by avoiding anything that may reduce its value. Items which can be sent as a package have to be sent back. Items which can not be sent back as a package will be collected from you. You have to pay for the sending back if the delivered item corresponds to the ordered item and if the price of the returned item is not higher than 40 EUR or if, at a higher price of the item, at the time of your withdrawal you have not paid the complete price or the agreed hire purchase price. Commitments about reimbursements of payments have to be fulfilled by you within 30 days after sending your withdrawal.

Special advises
Your right of withdrawal expires early if your contract partner has already started with the carrying out of its service with your explicit consent before the end of the period of withdrawal of if you arranged it by your own (for example in case of downloads etc.).

End of withdrawal information