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#9579 article number: WV-133 - 1

Throws & Slams (11:12)

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USA / Canada


Pro Style Wrestling

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Pro-Style Wrestling

A special WOW bonus tape and what a tape it is! The first part features the ORIGINAL AMERICAN HIGH FLYERS in all body slam action. Some of the greatest pros in history ...names like Moolah, Martell, Velvet Mclntyre, Judy Grable, Ray Noble, Vicki Williams and more. A whole tape of the most vicious body slams ever. There is no move so dominant in pro wrestling as picking up your opponent, strutting around the ring and slamming her to the mat like a sack of cement. This tape is full of the most butt-bouncing, tit-shaking, back-breaking body slams ever. Over and over, replay after replay, bodies bouncing off the mat. You'll love this one. But that's not all. WOW makes this a bonus tape with two hard bodies out to do some bruisin'.